Lukasz Gornicki

Open Source Maintainer
Developer Relations Manager at Postman

My first interaction with open-source was in 2014, and it amazed me immediately. Beautiful concept of working together in the open. I was not contributing to much code; my imposter syndrome was pretty active these days. I somehow knew, though, that contributing code is not all that matters, that people can do more, that others can give back in many different ways. So I did, by finding funds and promoting tools at conferences.

Everybody needs a role model. I mean, you need a kind of inspiration or at least a trigger that pushes you towards something. For me, it was Benjamin Lupton. We used DocPad and then I watched Ben's DocPad presentation. I knew that I was slowly becoming an open-source fanatic.

Now I'm working full time on open-source only, community-driven with no agenda pushed from my employer. I'm entirely focused on AsyncAPI. I'm trying my best to grow its community. Keep your fingers crossed.

I want this blog to be a place to share my knowledge related to open-source, community building in a space dominated by developers, automation with GitHub Actions, and some other areas. I hope it can be a good therapy tool to throw away all my frustrations and search for solutions.